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Early Adopter Program – Battle Spirits Saga!

Coming early next year, is this brand-new card game from Bandai, based on the long-running Battle Spirits trading card game designed by none other than Mike Elliott himself. After 14 years and over 60 booster sets in Japan, Battle Spirits is finally reborn for competitive card game players around the world. 

Use cores to play Spirit, Nexus, and Magic cards as you take on your opponent. Are you ready for a revolutionary card game experience?

We are an official Early Adopter store for Battle Spirits Saga! I am super excited to grow a community for this game!

They just announced their launch event in Vegas with $350,000 in prize support!
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Dates: Friday, March 24 – Sunday, March 26
Capacity: 1024 participants
Tournament Organizer: Play!TCG

Who’s Mike Elliott you ask? Mark Rosewater called him “One of the most prolific Magic designers in the history of the game.” He was also inducted into the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design Hall of Fame in 2017. 

Here are a few of his credits in the game industry:

  • (Designer) Duelmasters trading card game
  • (Designer) Hearthstone
  • (Designer) Dragoborne: Rise to Supremacy
  • (Designer) Quarriors Dice Building Game 2011–2014 Base game and expansions
  • (Designer) Lost Legends (Board Game)
  • (Designer) Dice Masters (Marvel, Yu-Gi-Oh!, DC Comics, D&D, TMNT)
  • Wizards of the Coast R&D lead Pokémon TCG 1999-2001 
  • Designer WOTC Star Wars TCG /Set design on 5 expansions
  • Designer Netrunner Classic expansion
  • Lead Developer Star Wars Trading Card Game
  • Wizards of the Coast – He worked on approximately 30 Magic expansions and introduced new mechanics such as slivers.