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Our Story


I had fun playing casual commander format Magic at this store. Lots of nice and friendly people there playing and helping each other out. Good drinks too.


Best game store in the Lansing area. Hundreds of Magic cards, lots of dnd and Warhammer stuff. A super friendly staff who explained everything to my 8 year old brother who came with me once to get some cards. They made his first lgs experience a good one. I will never go anywhere else. Love these guys.


Cole Nemwan

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Game Benefits

Benefits of Playing Board Games & Card Games

A game, generally, adds joy to life, but board games and card games additionally teach some unique skills and give a couple of really life-improving benefits. It’s not an activity that should be enjoyed once in a while when you get bored or something, but a great chance to level up your power of problem-solving skill.

Teaches problem solving

Games can reduce stress

Encourages Social skills

Teaches to set goals